See the Stunning Results of The Aqua 3 Facial in Glasgow

Reinvigorate your skin with an amazing AQUA3 facial. At Riley Aesthetics, in Glasgow, you can take advantage of wonderfully cleansing aqua peels, which improve skin texture and restore elasticity.

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Using the Latest Technology

The diamond-grain handpiece is a brand new device that treats the most critical areas of the skin, like the T-zone, in a selective and delicate manner, while also reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. It utilises 9 different heads and various levels of abrasive power to provide an extra-exfoliating effect with fantastic results.

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Ideal for Any Skin

An ordinary water-based peel is not enough to treat largely thickened skin, but with its unique diamond-grain handpiece, AQUA3 allows for treatment of even the most problematic skin. By performing a controlled, non-invasive microdermabrasion that removes the outermost stratum corneum, we’re able to improve your skin texture and improve elasticity.

Someone Receiving one of our treatments

A New Way of Cleansing

Cleansing only your skin with cleansing milk and tonic is simply not enough to prepare for treatment. The outermost stratum corneum, which thickens over the years, makes the skin less bright and soft, and creates a barrier that prevents active substances from penetrating. AQUA3 is the new way to cleanse your skin.

A Guide to the Aqua Peel

A Water-Based Peel with Sequential Acids

The aspirating handpiece, together with a water jet that contains mandelic and salicylic acid, removes superficial impurities, even from thickened skin, by aspirating dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads. This is all thanks to the powerful effect of a vacuum.

Deep Moisturising Using Hyaluronic Acid

By using the infuser handpiece with low molecule weight hyaluronic acid, your skin is deeply moisturised and appears smoother than ever before.

Restructuring Your Skin

Making the most of the transdermic delivery of the handpiece, your skin is restructured using hyaluronic and dermakleb serums.

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